Minimal Waste Stationery Guide

As with all efforts to go plastic-free / zero waste our advice would be to follow the 5 Rs of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot. This would mean first refusing any new single-use plastic stationary and looking for alternatives and looking to reduce the amount you use. Alternatives could be reusable / refillable options, items made from alternative natural materials or from recycled materials, as well as items that are themselves recyclable or indeed compostable. Or you could look to embrace technology and go totally digital and do away with pens and paper completely!

We’ve listed a few options below, if you know of any others that would be good to add to the guide please get in touch!

Vent For Change Recycled Note Pads and Pencils

Remarkable recycled pens and note pads

Caran d’Ache Recycled Aluminium Ballpoint Pen

Paperchase Sustainable Range

Treewise Pencils

Eco Eco Recycled Filing Stationery

The Green Office Recycled Ball Point Pens

The Green Office Reusable Cartridge Fountain Pens

The Green Office Reusable Ink Pot Fountain Pens

The Green Office Pencils With Eco Credentials

Make your own natural glue

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