Plastic Free Oral Care Guide

There are now quite a few different options to go plastic free when it comes to our oral care. We have easy swaps available in the van including wooden toothbrushes, two different toothpaste options and plastic-free floss.

For toothbrushes we have wooden adults size with soft, medium or firm bristles and a kids size with soft bristles. If you are looking for a natural, fluoride free toothpaste we have Georganics Toothsoap. This is a solid bar where you wet your toothbrush, rub the toothbrush on the bar and then brush as normal. After much trial and error and a dabble in making our own we have found this is our favourite natural toothpaste which best mimics traditional toothpaste which is how it came to be available in the van. For those looking for a fluoride option we stock Dent Tabs. These are solid toothpaste tablets where you crunch one tablet and then brush with a wet toothbrush, minty fresh like traditional toothpaste but less foamy! For floss we have refillable plastic-free floss in a glass jar that’s made of either ahimsa silk or corn starch, which you can then refill so no need to replace the glass jar!

We understand that people may require a bit of a wider range so please check out the below who offer some other good plastic-free alternatives for oral care:

Georganics Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Kids Orange Flavoured Toothpaste (coming to the van soon!)

Georganics Charcoal Whitening Toothpowder

Georganics Mouthwash Tablets

Acala Copper Tongue Scraper

Euthymol Toothpaste in metal tube

The Humble Co Bamboo Interdental Brush

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