Cool Earth Donation : Halting Deforestation

As already conscious consumers we are sure you are well aware of the devastating events happening at the moment in Brazil. For 3 weeks now the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest has been on fire, destroying the worlds largest rainforest at an alarming rate. The Amazon plays a crucial role in the health and vitality of the Earth we call home and depend on, a huge sequester of CO2 and provider of oxygen.

If you have been following our journey you will be aware that we do what we can to make our business carbon neutral, donating to tree planting charities and participating in local tree planting events. As a mobile business based on wheels and one that is looking to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we think this is very important.

With the recent events happening in the Amazon we wanted to do something to help and also something that would mean all of our customers have helped too, so we have decided to donate all money raised from the sale of our paper bags in our first year to Cool Earth. Cool Earth work with local indigenous people to protect and halt deforestation. The donation has protected 348 trees, locked in 377 tones of CO2 and protected 110,200 litres of water annually. So thank you, on behalf of the worlds rainforests for any time you’ve forgotten a container or needed a quick snack and purchased one of our paper bags.

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Its easy to feel like we are living in a hopeless time, a world struggling with human impact and its out of our individual control, that what has been done has been done and a bright future feels unobtainable. But we must not give up, a friend posted the quote on the image below about a totally different subject but we thought it spoke about the current situation we find ourselves in, all we can do is fight for a beautiful present. A beautiful Earth without deforestation, without pollution, without needless waste. As the great Jane Goodall says “each one of us must do our part in creating a better world, for though the small choices we make each day - what we buy, what we eat, what we wear - may seem insignificant, the cumulative effect of billions of people making ethical choices, will start to heal the natural world.’

Here’s a few things we’re doing to help:

Donating, we selected Cool Earth as a UK based charity halting deforestation through working with local communities who have cared for the rainforests for generations.

Cool Earth

Can’t afford to donate? Firstly know that if you’ve ever grabbed something from us in a paper bag that you have! But you can also switch your search engine to ecosia if you haven’t already, they plant trees for every search, its totally free to use!


Petitioning, the E.U and US are Brazil’s biggest buyers of meat, soy and wood products. See link below for Greenpeace petition to Boris Johnson to suspend trade talks with Brazil until it protects the Amazon and its people.

Greenpeace Petition

Keeping informed and sharing info, a heightened awareness of the issues will help, it only takes 3.5% of the population to turn up to create change, so get sharing and get involved! see below for some info links.


WWF 5 ways to help the Amazon


UN Environment

CNN Climate

Rainforest Trust

Look to make ecocide a crime, making future events like the Amazon fires a punishable crime, check out Stop Ecocide and become an Earth protector.

Stop Ecocide

Be aware of deforestation effects from the products you buy: unsustainable Brazilian beef, soy, palm oil and wood products will all be adding to the issue as fires are started to clear forest for the demand of these products. Look to reduce consumption, buy local equivalents available from the UK or certified responsibly sourced and sustainable products from overseas.