Earth Day 2019 : Protect Our Species, how you can help

It is estimated that humans have impacted 83% of Earth’s land surface, which has affected many ecosystems as well as the range in which specific species of wildlife used to exist. Species are being threatened at a rate never seen before due to over exploitation, habitat loss, climate change, global homogenisation of flora and fauna and pesticide use. Earth Day is all about action, but action shouldn’t be just for one day, we take action in each of the decisions we make and each of those decisions impacts our natural world; as Jane Goodall says “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

We’ve listed out a few suggestions from Earth Day Network and how shopping at the van can help you achieve these:

Reduce our overall consumption: at the van you can buy just what you need, no dictated measurements, reducing food waste.

Choose products that are environmentally sustainable: all lifestyle products in the van are produced by brands that use sustainable methods with protecting the environment a key part of their DNA.

Demand food providers purchase environmentally certified products: All food in the van is bought via cooperatives who ensure food is ethically sourced, fairly traded and non-GM.

We can buy food from local farmers who have sustainable practices towards wildlife: You can often find us at farmers markets, don’t just shop with us, grab your local veg etc too!

We can buy organic and natural products when possible: we offer a mix of organic and non-organic, we will always opt for organic where we feel the price is reasonable for our customers.

Reduce your use of energy and contributions to climate change: don’t make a special trip to the shop, wait for us to come to you! Also know that you are supporting a company that looks to offset its driving carbon emissions by planting local trees in Cornwall.

Reduce your meat consumption to curb carbon emissions from the livestock industry: we stock a few good sources of protein to swap instead of meat, check out our lentils, chickpeas, spelt pasta, quinoa, oats, nuts and seeds.

Consume less plastic products: shop with us and avoid unnecessary single-use plastic as well as finding natural alternatives to common household plastic products.

Reduce your water consumption: remember we stock a few solid beauty options that avoid water as an ingredient- solid shampoo, soap bars, dent toothpaste tabs, sunscreen and moisturisers. It may only be small but every change helps!

Use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products: we stock Bio D, an ethical, natural cleaning brand as well as having bi-carbonate of soda and white vinegar if you like to make your own!

Do not use sunscreen lotions that contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, chemicals believed to harm marine life: did you know we now stock Shade, a natural sunscreen?

Reduce your consumption of single-use plastics, or eliminate them entirely: easy when you shop at the van! Bring your own reusable containers and completely avoid single-use plastic packaging.

Participate in beach cleans: did you know you can find us on the last Sunday of the month at Mawgan Porth for their monthly beach clean? Beach clean first and also have the opportunity to shop plastic-free! Also keep an eye out for our monthly round up of events happening in Cornwall.

Support or volunteer with organisations that execute conservation projects on the ground: did you know you can find us at Mount Pleasant Eco Park and Newquay Community Orchard who are both great conservation projects in Cornwall and have plenty of opportunities to volunteer. We’re also at Gweek Boatyard close to Clean Ocean Sailing who actively remove plastic waste from our oceans and are always looking for people to help out and the Seal Sanctuary who have volunteer opportunities. You can also find us at the monthly Plastic Free Market at Perranporth that supports 2 local charities and we also have a Surfers Against Sewage charity box for any loose change you want to donate.

We hope this may have given you a few new ideas of how you can further help the planet when shopping with us, you can find the full list of tips from Earth Day Network if you want to do more!