DIY : Febreze

Want fresh smelling clothes and home without the plastic? We make up our own version of Febreze to get rid of unwanted odours without the plastic waste, and its super easy. We find it handy to have around the house- means less washing!


235 ml water

37 g bi carbonate of soda

118 ml fabric softener


Using the volumes above will half fill a Febreze bottle, we find its best to make in small batches.

Boil water in saucepan, once the water is boiling remove pan from heat. Add bi carb and fabric softener if using and stir to combine. Leave to cool. Transfer mixture to bottle. We found that sometimes not all the fabric softener combines so we run the mixture through a sieve to remove any lumpy bits left and then just pop these into the washing machine to be used in the next load!

Shake bottle before each use as ingredients may separate. Use as needed. We found that this mixture is a little ‘wetter’ than traditional Febreze but does work to remove odours and freshen fabrics.

The bi carbonate of soda helps absorb odours while the fabric softener adds fresh smell.

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