We've turned 1! Thank you so much for your support!

We can’t quite believe it but Incredible Bulk turned 1 today! A year ago we set out to Sennen for our first market and eagerly awaited our first customers. What an incredible year its been, we have met some truly awesome people (that’s you guys by the way!), been invited into lovely communities around Cornwall and together we’ve avoided single-use plastic! None of this would have been possible without you guys making the effort and being open to changing your shopping habits and for that we are truly grateful. We’re looking forward to our second year, we hope you are too!

For a bit of fun we’ve had a look at what you’ve bought this past year to give you a run down of what plastic you have avoided.

An INCREDIBLE 23,944 pieces of single-use plastic avoided over the year!

This breaks down as avoiding 15,128 pieces of single-use plastic packaging through refill shopping:

13,081 pieces of single-use food packaging

1390 home cleaning plastic bottles

657 bathroom plastic bottles

On top of this you have also avoided 8816 single use plastic items:

A further 117 bottles of shampoo avoided through switching to shampoo bars

Another 293 bottles of body / hand wash avoided through switching to soap bars

4800 single-use plastic cotton buds avoided by switching to bamboo cotton buds!

268 plastic toothbrushes avoided by switching to wooden alternatives

146 plastic tubes of toothpaste avoided by switching to toothpaste tabs or the tooth soap

39 body sponges by switching to loofahs

12 plastic bottles of body moisturiser avoided by switching to solid moisturiser bars

31 plastic bottles of sunscreen avoided by switching to tins!

118 plastic tooth floss (which equals 3540 meters of floss) replaced with refillable plastic-free options

155 plastic or aerosol deodorants avoided due to switching to our plastic free natural version

At least 27 plastic razors by switching to a safety razor

At least 28 plastic packs of cotton wool pads replaced by reusable bamboo make up pads

At least 14 plastic packs of loo roll by switching to unwrapped loose loo roll

795 plastic kitchen sponges avoided by switching to our natural alternatives

At least 126 rolls of cling film by switching to wax food wraps (which is about 3780 meters of plastic film)

At least 51 plastic disposable coffee cups by switching to a reusable version (also meaning you’ve helped recycle 306 used disposable coffee cups!)

At least 31 plastic disposable cutlery sets by switching to a reusable version

At least 150 plastic disposable straws by switching to a reusable version

At least 23 plastic bottles of water avoided by investing in a reusable water bottle

At least 12 disposable lunch boxes avoided by investing in a reusable stainless steel lunch box

and 1580 single-use plastic sealed tea bags switched to our plastic free compostable tea bags!

Using some quick maths via the Everyday Plastic Report all of this equates to around 155kgs of plastic, about the same weight as an adult common seal and 5 pups! Or the equivalent of 4.5 peoples yearly plastic packaging waste.

We hope you find this encouraging, we can’t wait to see what you manage to avoid in our second year!

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