Incredible Bulk Jute Bag

Reusable Bag.png


Our bags are from Jutexpo. Founded in 2002, they are a small, family run business based in the Midlands.

We decided to buy from them as their facilities are independently audited, ensuring they adhere to the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code. They have a set of 10 key elements they consider to be the minimum when it comes to ethical and technical standards, awards and credentials

We also love Jute. Jute is fully sustainable. It is a strong, natural, affordable fibre with a low carbon and water footprint.

Nothing is genetically modified where Jute is concerned, no pesticides or fertilisers are used to enhance the growing process. It is 100% bio-degradable.

Our jute bags are lined with PP, this lining adds to the strength and lifespan of the bag, at the end of its life the plastic lining can be peeled off to be recycled and the jute fabric can be fully composted. Alternatively the bag can be taken to a fabric recycling centre, after the clothing is sorted the bags go to be shredded and the fibres are recycled and used as wadding.

The bags lifespan is 4+ years, with an equally long secondary lifespan as storage in garages/cars etc, additionally we’re told they are often used as planters for growing fruits and veg!