Plastic Free July

Its July and that means only one thing- the Plastic Free July Challenge - inspiring people all over the world to #ChooseToRefuse. With 31 days in July we've set out 31 ways to reduce the plastic in your life; whether you choose to target takeaway plastic options, single use plastic or to completely avoid plastics altogether these should help you on your way. 

1) If you like to stay hydrated during the day get yourself a reusable water bottle

2) Like a takeaway drink? Think about a reusable cup that you can take with you

3) Know that you're gonna get lunch out? Pack some cutlery, wrap in a muslin cloth for napkin and some containers / paper to wrap items in. Or look to eat in! 

4) Keep a reusable straw handy or remember to say no straw when ordering drinks

5) Get yourself a reusable bag

6) Look around for shops that offer items bulk / loose / unpackaged - farmers markets, greengrocers, butchers, bulk shops to name a few

7) Keep hold of any plastic / glass jars, containers, bottles and reuse when you go on your bulk / loose / unpackaged shopping adventure

8) Invest in or make beeswax / soy fabric wraps to use instead of clingfilm; tin foil and baking paper are other alternatives for storing food

 9) Milk - look into local glass bottle options, or try switching to nut milk and make your own

10) Butter - switch from plastic contained to wax paper wrapped butter and store in butter dish

11) Yogurt - buy options available in glass jars or look to make your own

12) Check your teabags - scarily some brands contain plastic, check packaging or buy loose leaf

13) Ditch the chewing gum - most brands are made with a synthetic rubber made from plastic

14)  Lover of cold, filtered water and normally buy bottled? Get prepared, buy a couple of glass bottles and invest in filter option of your choice (we love a charcoal stick!) and store in fridge - keep a couple bottles on rotation so you always have fresh, filtered water available

15) Give soap nuts a try - a natural biodegradable alternative to laundry liquid, or look for glass / cardboard packaged brands or refillable options

16) Utilise old fabric scraps for house cleaning rags so you don't have to buy new packaged options, or look for unpackaged options available

17) Utilise old cleaning product bottles and try making your own

18) Swap your synthetic kitchen sponge for a natural alternative

19) Avoid bin bags; check to see if you need to use if your bin gets tipped straight into a lorry, you can always line with paper to keep clean

20) Make a switch to hard soap and shampoo to avoid all those bottles in the bathroom

21) Make a switch to hard deodorant or powdered options in non-plastic containers

22) Lookout for toilet roll not sold in plastic wrap

23) Switch synthetic sponges for natural sponges, loofahs, muslin cloths etc for washing

24) Try a bamboo toothbrush (watch out for the bristles though which will still be plastic, ensure you remove before looking to compost)

25) Look into alternative tooth care; toothpaste that's in aluminium tubes or solid options, mouthwash in glass, natural floss

26) Use 100% cotton buds

27) Switch to a metal razor

28) Look into alternative sanitary products; avoid tampons with plastic applicators, find natural organic cotton brands, try a mooncup or reusable pads, there's even pants available now with a built in pad! 

29) Look into alternative body care brands that use non-plastic containers or offer refill / send back packaging, or try making your own

30) Shop local and avoid delivery which normally means excess packaging (although some brands are getting pretty good at offering non-plastic delivery options)

31) Check the clothing that you're buying, perhaps try natural alternatives vs plastic based fabrics 

Good luck with the challenge, remember any bit of plastic you manage to avoid is a step in the right direction so don't overwhelm yourself by taking on too many changes. We've integrated different methods over many years to make sure the changes we make are sustainable and workable for us. 

*You can find out more about Plastic Free July at 

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