Unfortunately we advise anyone with severe allergies not to shop with us. We stock a variety of products that have various allergens and although we carefully make sure each product does not come into contact with the other we cannot account for trace contamination as products are stored together. When shopping with us please alert us to any allergens you are looking to avoid and we can advise. If you want to check beforehand please check our product list as well as the list of potential allergens below and get in touch if you have any concerns.

For skin allergies and our liquid refills we mainly stock fragrance-free products that have no artificial preservatives or colours and are gentle on the skin, all of Bio Ds fragrance-free range is accredited by Allergy UK.

Potential Allergens

  • Gluten

  • Wheat

  • Nuts

  • Soy

  • Sesame

  • Milk

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